Logo & Brand Identity

What does your brand say about you?

Give your new business a strong start or your current business a make-over with an impressive and memorable brand.

A unique logo mark, complementary color scheme, beautiful typography, and a bold design style will give you the edge you need over your competition.

We're Here To Help

Our expert staff will discuss your needs and walk you through the process, offering suggestions and building a brand that's right for you.

Logo Design

Starting at $300

For a company, product or service.

Do you have a logo? Does your logo present the customer with accurate representation of who you are? If you've answered "no", you are in the need of a new professionally designed logo built for your brand. Not sure about what your brand is? Don't worry, we offer brand consultation services.

Brand Consultation

Starting at $400

For the businesses/individuals who are unsure of how they want to be represented.

We'll walk with you step by step, asking questions to discover who you are and what you want your business to say to others. We'll discover which colors, styles, words and design elements will best appeal to your customers and help you stand out from the competition.

Brand Style Guide

Starting at $600

For the businesses/individuals who've developed a brand.

When a brand is established with a cohesive, carefully-designed image. The needs of a successful company will expand, requiring the business to leave its mark on a growing number of assets or locations. A style guide goes a long way towards keeping to the original vision. We'll help you pick and choose the elements you want to include in your guide and then send you the digital and printable copy for your reference.

Business Card Design

Starting at $200

For the businesses/individuals looking to create opportunity.

A business card is one of the first impression of your brand. Nothing says you are more serious than a professionally designed business card. That's where we can help. We aren't just placing a logo and text inside a template. Nope, these cards are custom built to fit your brand and awe the receiver. They'll remember you when you hand them this.

Brand Your Business Right

What do you really want your brand to say about you? A 5 minute logo and random colors is not going to do your business justice. We can help!

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